Software development for startup SAT and ACT prep courses online


The YAGE project represents software development for startup SAT and ACT online preparation. It is a project that allows high school students to prepare for exams online successfully. It is designed for different types of users: administrators, partners, dealers, students. Partners and dealers provide paid access to students for taking tests in different subjects.

If your role in this project is a role of a partner, then you are the representative of this project in a certain area (for example city, county, state). You provide access to the system for both students and dealers.  Here is what you can do in the system: you can add new students, new dealers (person / company), add access to dealers (packages) or students, you can view sales statistics and analyze profit.

If you are a dealer in the project,  then you are a smaller agent compared to a partner. In this case, the system allows you to sell access to students, add  new students, view the statistics of your sales.

If you are a high school student - this project is for you! You can get access to the system either through partners and dealers represented in your city or county, or on your own. You need to register / authorize first. If you have an account in social networks, you can use it for quick registration. In case you forget your password, your new password will be immediately sent to your e-mail on demand. After registration, you can choose a subject or several  subjects for which you are willing to prepare. There is a free practice test for each subject in the system where you are given an opportunity to take a test and answer a certain number of questions without making a payment. You can also see the results of this free practice test with the correct answers.

There is integration with the payment system Tinkoff on the website, so that you can pay for access to the system on the website, using a bank card. Once you have made the payment, you are given access to the subjects for which you paid and there is an opportunity to take tests on subjects that you paid for.

SAT and ACT prep courses online  SAT and ACT prep courses online

Software development for startup SAT and ACT online preparation implies that the project may be used both on a computer and on other mobile devices - a tablet, a smartphone. The online prep courses help you to check your knowledge before the exam, get training in solving tasks, take various tests on one subject, view answers and solutions from qualified teachers. You have a real opportunity to solve tasks directly in the system, enter the solution from the keyboard, write comments to the solution, view the correct solution, write directly on the screen, compose sequences, solve multiple choice tasks.

The system administrators manage the system and its work. They can add subjects, tests for subjects, tasks, solutions, answers to all the subjects offered. In addition, administrators have access to the database of students, dealers, partners, can add or edit users. Administrators have access to detailed statistics for partners, dealers and cities.

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