Promotion of IT startups via social networks: how effective is it?


Promotion of the IT startups via the social networks: how effective is it?


Today, many IT experts are familiar with the term "startup". New startups, including those on PHP, emerge every day in the IT sphere. Some of them will eventually be successful while others are more likely to fail.

The success of a startup depends not only on underlying ideas but also on the way of promotion. Social networks are considered one of the most popular marketing instruments. These unique media platforms can promote a project of any size at a relatively low cost. Today, almost all business areas are represented in social media and use promotion via social networks. Promotion in social networks, or SMM (Social Media Marketing) has become an integral part of the modern internet marketing as a whole and allows you to draw attention to your project of a desired target audience regardless of its geographical setting.


The benefits of SMM promotion

The possibility of targeting. A very diverse and quite extensive audience uses social networks. This makes it relatively simple to choose the right contingent (by age, gender, geographical, and other characteristics).

The efficiency and simplicity of operation. In search engines, a traffic search can take you at least 2 months. However, on social networking sites, it will take you nearly a month to get a stable number of visitors per day. You can do this on your own or by using the appropriate programs. In any case, the best solution here is to order professional promotion services.

The ability to communicate. Do not forget that SMM promotion means not only getting traffic but also communicating with people. You can directly contact members of your group and followers, which will certainly contribute to the promotion of your project.

• Convenience. All social networks provide SMM managers with special tools (so called “link buttons”) that enable users to share news about your project with others in lots of networks.



Which social network should I choose?

Promotion of the IT startups via the social networks: how effective is it?

Each network has its features and target audience. Therefore, internet promotion requires a comprehensive approach in choosing a social network. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the most effective means for SMM promotion on the western IT market.

 Facebook has an audience of serious, young, and middle-aged people, who occasionally share news and links to them on their pages.

  Twitter is also ideal for a wide audience, but it’s strongly laconical: users can post only short publications.

  Linkedin is used for purely professional purposes. If on Facebook and Twitter you can freely communicate with friends and acquaintances on daily topics, LinkedIn is more convenient for promotion in the professional field and for job search. 

  Instagram is the most appropriate service for photo content publishing. This social network has emerged relatively recently, and today it’s one of the fastest growing.


Do I need to promote an IT outsourcing startup?

Promotion of the IT startups via the social networks: how effective is it?


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