Outsourcing program for IT-companies


Outsourcing program for IT-companies“Simple Solutions” has been working in software development for more than 10 years.  We are in the top IT companies in Belarus according to rating on Clutch https://clutch.co/profile/simple-solutions

We work successfully with IT companies of the CIS region, providing them with necessary IT-specialists (programmers, html-coders, analysts, testers, designers, etc.) to develop projects of various levels of complexity in different business sectors.

We offer a convenient outsourcing program for IT companies that develop or have already developed their own IT product. In such case all questions on customizing, finalizing and developing new functionality for the needs of a particular customer will be solved by our specialists, while our partner, your company, can focus on promoting and selling this IT-product on the market.

The advantages of outsourcing program with “Simple Solutions” are as follows:

- We offer Senior developers. These are highly qualified specialists who have worked in similar projects, have strong teamwork experience, they have worked in highly loaded projects, they can work with third party code and can do refactoring of code. Our developers have successful experience in working with companies like your company!

- We work under NDA and strictly observe the conditions for not disclosing any information that is confidential and that can become known as a result of our partnership.

- Team extension: starting the project with 1 developer, in the future we can provide a team for the entire development process. We have a lot of experience in building teams from scratch, starting with a business analyst for setting the task for the project and ending with the work of experienced QA specialists.

- We offer a payment model that is convenient for you: Fixed price or Time and Material.

- We work without prepayment.

- We have expertise in such areas as Tourism, HR, Accounting, E-commerce, Auto business.

- We work with our own developers and do not transfer your projects to other companies.

In addition to the outsourcing program, "Simple Solutions" provides services in recruitment of IT specialists in case you need to find full-time developers working in the office.

We offer reliable and fruitful cooperation! If you have any questions about our outsourcing program, e-mail us at info@sisols.com

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