Opening a remote department of an IT development in Russia and Belarus: is it profitable?


Opening a remote department of IT-development in Russia and Belarus: is it profitable?

Modern businesses cannot be imagined without IT outsourcing. This is due to the fact that companies seek to use the latest technologies in their work. Qualified IT specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience and provide services on a paid basis.

In the recent years, Russia and Belarus have managed to become the countries that provide qualified IT outsourcing services to western customers. The formation of a favorable IT climate in these countries is influenced by the following factors:

 A relatively low rate for the work of an IT specialist. This allows potential customers to reduce their expenditures significantly, as they don’t need to bring additional efforts and resources on learning new activities: all work will be done by a qualified programmer. As a result, a customer receives a high-quality project made at a reasonable price.

Geographical location. Cultural and physical proximity to Europe has a positive effect on Russian and Belarusian business styles of programmers.

High level of qualification of IT specialists. The number of educational institutions that train IT specialists grows every year in both countries. Considerable attention is paid to the training of specialists in the IT outsourcing field.

Government support of the IT sector. In 2005, the Hi-Tech Park (HTP) was created in Belarus. Currently, HTP provides services for clients from all over the world. The government assists in financing of software development, information and communication technologies, etc. All this contributes to the growth of the country's national economy. In addition, the Russian government has been investing money in the construction of the analog of Silicon Valley – the innovation center “Skolkovo" since 2010.

Opening a remote department of IT-development in Russia and Belarus: is it profitable?

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