IT parks of the United States, Europe, Russia, and Belarus


The future belongs to the information technologies – it’s a generally accepted fact. The number of the tech parks, bringing together the best minds and ideas in the world, grows constantly. In this article, we will talk about the best known IT parks in the United States, Europe, Russia, and Belarus. We will start with a technology park that has become the home to many successful IT companies. This is Silicon Valley.


Silicon Valley (USA)

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a vast tech park located in California, USA. The history of the Valley dates back to 1971 when silicon was used for the first time in the manufacturing of the semiconductor devices. This material gave the area its name.

Silicon Valley is one of the three major technology centers in the United States (the other major centers are located in Washington, DC and New York).

Silicon Valley has all conditions for the training of the IT specialists. The Private Research University of Stanford is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. Every year Stanford enrolls about 9000 students. Many graduates continue to live and work in Silicon Valley.

There are the head offices of more than three thousand enterprises located in Silicon Valley. Many of them are engaged in the production of computers and the software development. Among the best-known companies are Apple, Intel, Google, Facebook, AMD, eBay, Electronic Arts, NVIDIA, OracleYahoo!, and others.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has attracted many investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, qualified IT specialists. This place is the dream of every programmer. Here the creative approach is much valued. Furthermore, the residents of Silicon Valley can get the access to the endless number of innovations. In addition, the region is characterized by the low level of the government intervention in the production.

The European IT market is dominated by the two tech parks: Medicon Valley and Cambridge. Let’s review each park individually.


Medicon Valley (Sweden)


Medicon Valley

In 1997 Denmark and Southern Sweden have created the joint state called "Medicon Valley". At present, there are many industrial enterprises and scientific laboratories which are primarily engaged in the biomedical technologies. Medicon Valley scientists devise new approaches to the treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. 14 groups of university scientists in Copenhagen are engaged in the personalized medical research aimed at the development of the individual treatment and medicine. The scientists of the Valley argue that the idea of the personalized medicine will be turned into reality in the next decade.

The number of the companies in Medicon Valley is constantly growing. The Valley has not only its own companies but also the branches of the well-known pharmaceutical and biotech companies, one of which belongs to the American pharmaceutical company Biogen. The region has the favorable conditions for the labor legislation and taxation, which attracts many companies.

Much attention is paid to the training of the future specialists. There are 14 universities located in the Valley.


Cambridge (UK)

Cambridge Science Park

Cambridge Science Park was opened in 1975 not far from the same-named University, UK. The main purpose of the opening of this park was to strengthen the links between the educational institutions and the knowledge-intensive industrial sectors. In the course of the process of the ideas and human resource exchange, new businesses are being created. Consequently, the prosperity of the country grows, programmers develop the new and improve the old technologies.

The level of the employment in the region actively increases, mainly through the creation of the workspaces for highly qualified specialists and university graduates, the introductory programs for students, who wish to get familiar with high technology industries, take place as well.

More than 80 companies engaged in the various fields of the information technologies are located in Cambridge Park. Many companies are in close collaboration with the University of Cambridge. Large international companies, such as, for example, Toshiba, also open branches in this region.

Many firms of Cambridge Science Park receive technical and financial assistance from the University of Cambridge. The businessmen establish relations with scientists and may always count on their professional help.

Let’s move on to Russia, where the "Skolkovo" tech park is being built.


Skolkovo (Russia)



In 2010 the Russian government has started to build its own equivalent of Silicon Valley. The project beyond the Moscow Ring Road area is in the process of construction. It’s called "Skolkovo".

For Russia, "Skolkovo" is not just an industrial park. It’s an innovation center that in the future will result in the significant technological breakthrough.

It is planned that the Innovation Center will be a small town with the total population of more than 20 thousand people. Production facilities and research institutions will operate here. It’s planned that the main activities of a tech park will be biomedicine, the IT sphere, space industry, nuclear research, and energy-efficient technologies.

The total area of the future tech park will be 400 hectares, which considered a small territory according to the standards of such projects. The construction is scheduled to finish in 2017.

We conclude our review with the Belarusian industrial park – Hi-Tech Park.


Hi-tech Park (Belarus)


Hi-Tech Park

Hi-tech Park (HTP) was opened in 2005 in Minsk, Belarus. Currently, the HTP programmers work in the software development, the development and export of information, and other technologies. At the State’s request, HTP may be involved in other activities.

The Belarusian tech park is represented by both organizations and individual entrepreneurs. The total area of HTP: 50 hectares. HTP is administered by the state entity - Administration.

HTP residents have a number of benefits. They do not need to pay VAT, income tax, customs duties, etc.

Today HTP is one of the leading IT parks in the Central and the Eastern Europe. As at 2016, 152 companies are considered the HTP residents. 

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