Development of a travel booking website and an internal CRM-system for travel agencies


Development of a travel booking website and an internal CRM-system for travel agenciesProject is a travel booking website containing detailed information about excursions and transfers in Vienna, Austria, for tourists from different countries. In addition to the website which is used directly by tourists, our company has developed an internal CRM-system with personal accounts for different types of users, the creation and management of reservations, and the ability to create a database of travel agencies, service providers and carriers.

The project has been improved, having received modern responsive design and additional topical  functionality. We added online forms for booking individual and group transfers from / to the airport and  group tours around Vienna and its suburbs. Several sections such as "Air transfers" and "Bus services" were also added. Tourists can get up-to-date information about concerts during their visit, as well as make payment online with payment system PayUnity. In addition, tourists can leave reviews about tours or other services of the travel agency using the online form “Leave your review”. We added the following sections to the website: Questions and Answers, Employees, Google map with office location of the travel agency and the tourist's meeting point and links to YouTube and Instagram.

Project description:

1. Functionality for the creation of database of travel agencies, service providers, carriers.

2. Personal  accounts for different types of users are developed; a personal account with a certain set of functions has been developed for each participant of the CRM-system.  Separation of access to the system between agencies and their managers.

3. Booking and buying online group tours and group and individual transfers.

4. Integration with the payment system PayUnity for receiving online payments.

5. Functionality for managing bookings by individuals and travel agencies. Creation of nesting blocks in the bookings, generation of complex bookings.

6. Flexible management of the database of tourist services, such as excursions, tours, transfers. Creation of tourist packages.

7. Accounting, financial system for accounting of ongoing operations through the website. Interaction with existing accounting systems, data exchange between systems.

8. Development of an automated system for billing, generation of vouchers and other documents.


Travel booking website is mobile friendly. All the functionality of the desktop is presented on mobile phones and tablets. It is well-known that the speed for opening website’s pages affects sales from this website and these pages have been improved to open quickly. The website has an https-protocol, providing additional security and contains unique content. The interface of the CRM-system is convenient for the users. The website is presented in Russian and English and there is also a shortened price list for services in Japanese.

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