Development and implementation of customer loyalty program software


Nowadays many businesses offering goods and services aim for development and implementation of customer loyalty program software for their perspective customers. It has become very popular to develop a loyalty program to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to shop more. The effectiveness of advertising is going down, therefore we can observe a new trend for encouraging customers to shop more and keep them coming back.

We offer services in the development of customer loyalty program software considering the needs of your business. Under development we mean either development of an automated CRM system with full functionality, which will be described below, or development of a special script that will integrate several loyalty programs from different businesses into one general loyalty program.

If you wish to develop an automated CRM-system for implementing a customer loyalty program, we can do this for you. This system will help you to:

1.  Manage the database of discount cards;

2.  Set up rules for calculating bonuses;

3.  Calculate bonuses;

4.  Keep database of customers’ payments;

5.  We will develop API functions for the interaction of your CRM with other systems.


We can also develop the following features:

- the ability to integrate discounts and bonuses in one program;

- calculation of extra bonuses for VIP clients;

-  possibility to earn points for all other buyers;

-  possible integration with the partner stores;

- setting limits on the amount of purchase when calculating bonuses – the customer can earn points only if the sum of his purchase exceeds a certain limit;

- the ability to activate bonuses - the customer can use his earned points only the next time he shops or orders services.

One of the trends now is to develop customer loyalty program software that will integrate loyalty programs of several businesses into one general loyalty program. Usually these different businesses belong to one particular owner. In this case, the customer has a club card  which he can use for discounts or for earning points in all the businesses included in the program.

We offer our services in the development and implementation of a special script that will integrate several businesses into one loyalty program. Thus using one club card people can earn points and save bonuses in all businesses included in the integrated loyalty program. For the development of this script, we will need to do the following work:

- we will study and analyze API functions of all programs that will participate in the integrated loyalty program;

- in case there is no loyalty program set up in any of the businesses, we will offer you a solution how to integrate the database of customers in this business with existing loyalty programs in other businesses;

- we will negotiate with the support teams of all existing loyalty programs to look for solutions to integrate these loyalty programs into one.

The script developed by our team will help you to integrate bonuses from different businesses. Also the script works every 3-5 minutes, making the integration of bonuses
on-going, which will allow your customers to accumulate bonuses at once, immediately after they have used a service or made a purchase. Every time as soon as the script has worked, reports are generated in our system automatically.  In the report you can see information about the customer - who used the service or made a purchase, his phone number, how many bonuses he had, and how many bonuses were added, the balance of the club card.

If you are interested in development of customer loyalty program software for your business (s), please contact us by phone or email. We will help you analyze what you need in your situation and will be glad to offer the right solution for you.

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