CRM system "Taxi" - online management system for taxi services


The project is an effective and convenient tool for dispatchers and taxi drivers. The service is developed considering the system of roles and helps everyone who participates in the work of taxi services: management, operators and drivers, as well as passengers and corporate clients, if necessary.

Full functionality of the CRM system can be used in the browser, and almost any device with an Internet connection (laptop, tablet, smartphone) is suitable for use.

The project can be used as a ready solution, and it can also be used with a possibility of customization of the existing functionality considering the needs of your taxi business.

CRM system Taxi - online management system for taxi servicesCRM system Taxi - online management system for taxi services

Functionality of the ready solution:

- Work in the browser;
- Calculation of cost at the time of order;
- Setting up tariffs by distance or time;
- Google address base (including POI, as a waypoint);
- Managing orders;
- Managing drivers;
- Finding location of driver;
- Assigning orders to the driver;
- Built-in order form for website of taxi services or partner websites;
- Managing operators;
- Mobile application for drivers.


Customization options:

- IP telephony (receiving calls on website);
- Automated order management (appointment to the nearest driver, etc.);
- Encryption of transmitted data;
- Integration with RBT, Yandex.Taxi and other industry-specific software solutions;
- Generation of various reports;
- Mobile application for passengers;
- A branded website for taxi services.


Our system can be used for other projects where keeping records and automation of logistics are needed: drivers, couriers, delivery, transportation - we can customize our project to your tasks.

We suggest taking a look at demo version of the project following the link

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