Contextual advertising or SEO-promotion?


Contextual advertising and SEO-promotion are popular methods of attracting visitors to the website. Everyone knows that the more targeted visitors come to the site, the more sales of the goods or services from the website we get.

Attracting visitors to the new site

SEO-promotion and contextual advertising are often ordered at the same time after new website is done. Visitors can come to the website through contextual advertising while optimizing work is proceeding and the website is not in an index of search engines yet. This approach is effective and allows you to not waste time waiting for the results of SEO-work - you can start processing of orders from website from the first day of the launch of the web-resource.

The choice between SEO and contextual advertising

The choice between SEO and contextual advertising

If your website is already online for a long time and it has been indexed by search engines, then the question is:

How it’s better to distribute a monthly advertising budget between SEO and contextual advertising?

To answer this question, we need to do the following:

  1. Check the internal factors affecting the SEO-promotion:

    1.1. Ensure that the internal optimization carried out based on keywords.

    1.2. The website has a lot of information about products or services in comparison with its competitors, who are already in the TOP10 of search results.

    If the website is not optimized or has not so much content as its competitors, then the cost of SEO-optimization will be much more, and the SEO work is going to be not effective.  
  2. Pay attention to the competitiveness of keywords for promotion. If they are non-competitive, then the SEO-promotion may even not be necessary. It could be enough to have a well-filled and optimized website to get to the top of search engines.  
  3. Compare efficiency.

    If keywords (phrases) are competitive, then the easiest way would be to conduct an experiment - to compare efficiency. To do this, you may start at the same time contextual advertising and SEO work and then analyze the results. But before starting a work, please note how many visitors you already have on website.

    The effectiveness of the contextual advertising can be checked very soon after its launch, but the results of SEO cannot be so soon. Sometimes we have to wait up to six months. It all depends on the complexity of the key words, geographical region of promotion and the website itself. After the website is in the top then it’s better to wait 1 or 2 months more, and then it would be possible to draw conclusions:

    3.1. Calculate the cost of a visitor from contextual advertising. Notice how many visitors per month come from contextual advertising. Then divide the value of the monthly cost into given number. So you get the cost of a visitor.

    3.2. Calculate the cost of a visitor from SEO. To do this, subtract the  number of visitors who come from contextual advertising and the amount that you had before the works from total monthly visitors number. Then divide that number into a monthly SEO budget. This is going to be the cost of a visitor from SEO.

    If the costs are significantly different, then it would be more efficient to review the budget. 

Sometimes, after these calculations it turns out that the cost of the visitor from SEO is more than ten times. In this case, it makes no sense to invest money in SEO and try to improve the current positions - for example, being on the 5th position to try to get to the 3rd one.

If the cost of the visitor from contextual advertising is much higher than the cost of the visitor SEO, then it is better to invest in SEO. For example, to improve current positions of the website in search engine or add new keywords.

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