Comparing the hourly rates of the outsource programmers in Russia, US, and Europe


Comparing the hourly rates of the outsource programmers in Russia, US, and EuropeIT outsourcing market is constantly growing. Programmers become more popular. In this regard, the question of payment for programmers’ services according to their skill level becomes important. 

An average hourly rate of programmers varies depending on the country. In this article, we will make a comparison between Russia, the United States, and Europe. We'll determine which market is the most profitable for IT customers.

Outsourcing companies spend no more than half the amount obtained from customers on payment for developers’ work. The hourly rate depends not only on programmer’s skills but also on the cost of living in the programmer's country. In Russia, the average hourly rate for the middle programmers is $ 20-30 per hour, for programmers with more than 5 years experience of work in outsourcing companies – $ 25-35 per hour. However, this rate may be lower - it depends on the customer. In Russia, such rates are true for both freelancers and permanent workers.

In the United States, the average hourly rate of a freelancer is two times higher than you may bet on a permanent job. If you are an aspiring freelancer, you may count on $ 25-30 per hour. However, if you already have the experience of working as a freelancer, you may earn $ 50 per hour. Hourly rates for PHP programmers and other professionals – $ 75-80 per hour, for consultants in the programming field – $ 100 per hour, for small studios – $ 150-300 per hour.

In Europe, the hourly rates for programmers are equal for both freelance programmers and permanent workers. For mid-level professionals, the hourly rate is $ 50-80 per hour, for advanced specialists – $ 65-90 per hour.


Hourly rates of programmers in Russia, US, and Europe




European countries

Middle programmer

$ 20-30 per hour 

$ 25-50 per hour 

$ 50-80 per hour 

Senior programmer

$ 25-35 per hour 

$ 75-100 per hour 

$ 75-100 per hour 

With no doubt, the work of a freelancer has some nuances. A developer with a permanent job gets paid on a monthly basis, regardless of presence or absence of work. Working as a freelancer, a programmer receives payment as earned. A freelance programmer is not always overworked, thus, it’s not guaranteed that within a month he or she will receive the appropriate payment for the work done, and there is no certainty that such programmer will have enough orders for the whole year. Consequently, these factors should be taken into account when calculating hourly rates of a freelancer.

As you can see, the Russian outsourcing market is characterized by the lowest hourly rates that programmers offer for their work. This leads us to the conclusion that for a company, whether it’s a foreign company or a Russian company, the most profitable variant is to use services of Russian programmers.

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