A good programmer is ...

Today the profession of a qualified programmer is the one of the highest-paying. But does the level of earnings characterize the experience and skills of a professional? In this article well talk about the qualities a talented programmer should have. The information provided here will be helpful for employers looking for good workers, for students of IT specialties, and for beginners in the programming field who are in pursuit of perfection. Learn more

Web programming services

The main goal of a web programmer is the development of sites. Any specialist should have the ability to think creatively as well as a large experience and knowledge in the programming field. Good web programmers can develop complex Internet projects, such as the projects on PHP framework Yii and standard solutions for various CMS. Learn more

Top programming languages

A programmer is one of the most demanded professions. Thousands of small and large firms, as well as large corporations, have such specialists in their stuff. However, it doesnt mean that all commercial organizations are completely staffed with programmers. The demand for programmers grows constantly. If you want to learn this specialty, you should know about the ten most demanded programming languages and, perhaps, learn some of them. Learn more

Questions for an interview of a programmer

An interview is the last and (quite often) determining stage before making a decision: what kind of person do you need? Each company chooses to interview only those applicants whose resumes seem interesting or those who fit the certain criteria (experience, higher education, etc.). All this can be called a quantitative selection while the interview itself is a qualitative selection. Among numerous candidates, with whom you are going to conduct an interview, you must choose only one. For that purpose, psychologists, managers, and employers came up with hundreds of techniques. So, what questions you should ask those applicants who are willing to work as programmers? Learn more

How to monitor the activity of programmers?

Today the importance of programmers work can hardly be overestimated. Sometimes you do not even mind paying more money in order to receive a high-quality functionality. If your stuff does not have programmers, its recommended to order programming services from a company that specializes in that field. Also, programmers often work as freelancers. Such work is likely to be cheaper, but this option means longer shots. Learn more

How to find a team of programmers?

Its impossible to imagine the life of a modern person without the Internet. Only professional programmers who are able to perform complex tasks must deal with development of internet projects. Sometimes it may be difficult to find even a single programmer, not to mention a team of programmers. Learn more

How to conduct an interview with a programmer?

A programmer is a valuable employee, whom the success of a whole company may depend on. That's why an interview with a programmer must be conducted with a great care. The objective of this procedure is not only the screening of incompetent staff but also finding really talented candidates with a large potential. Learn more

How much does a good programmer earn?

A formula for a good life is simple. Its only necessary to choose a profession that is in-demand today and keep developing in it. One of such professions is the programmer profession. Programmers are needed in different spheres of human activity. They develop games, websites, applications, and specialized programs. In years to come, people with such profession, for sure, will not be in a dry dock. Its recommended to get acquainted with the level of income that a programmer may receive to decide whether it makes sense to become such professional. Learn more

How to find a programmer for a startup?

There are some useful tips for finding programmers for a startup. And the first tip is not to hire an "ordinary employee", but a person who can be interested in your idea. On the other hand, at an interview stage you should not frighten candidates with options. Suggest a potential employee the realistic wages and do not delude him or her with mythical profits. Options and shares should be left for those who already believe in your future product. Learn more

How to find a job for a programmer?

After graduating from university or completing courses, any potential programmer sooner or later asks the main question: where can I find job? Many of these people are completely lost and do not know what to do. Someone afraid of trivial interviews, others afraid of responsibility, and it all leads to the situation in which people are not confident in their abilities. In this case, a person does not develop and risks losing all programming skills. Learn more